new turf being installed

Consultation and Estimates

At Stephens Turf Farm, we’re at the forefront of producing premium turfgrass varieties that are adaptable to any environment. We grow and supply customers with turf options to take lawns from ordinary to extraordinary. We’re dedicated to working with the best harvesters in the Northeast Arkansas area to ensure our products stand above the rest.

Consultation and Estimates

Uncertain of what turfgrass would work for your landscape? Call and schedule a consultation with us. Our turf experts will discuss the pros and cons of each grass type so you can be confident in choosing the best turfgrass option. We provide free on-site estimates for turfgrass sod orders.

Turfgrass Delivery

We can deliver your turfgrass sod upon request at a cost dependent upon your location. Our delivery truck is equipped with a forklift that will place sod pallets on your job site.

Custom Sprigging

As part of our services, we offer custom sprigging for golf courses, athletic fields, and large open areas. This treatment method provides a cheaper alternative for schools and clubs to establish turf.

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