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Winning tall Colors Fescue

Stephens Turf Farm provides the best turf varieties, and Winning Colors Fescue is a prize among them all. This turf type is a premium blend of the best tall fescues on the market: Picasso, Rembrandt, Monet, and VanGogh. As our best-selling brand, Winning Colors Fescue exhibits a signature dark green color. Brown-patch and drought-resistant, this turf type is truly the height of luxury when it comes to your lawn.

The Benefits

Fescue grass varieties provide all-around advantages in appearance, maintenance, and durability. Fescue roots grow deep in the soil and remain green for 8 to 9 months out of the years. As a cook season grass, Winning Colors Fescue is more wear and weather tolerant than other grass types. Growing in partial or full sunlight, this turfgrass thrives in many environments and handles traffic well.

Texture & Appearance

Winning Colors Fescue is esteemed for a dark emerald green hue and medium texture.

Cold & Shade Tolerance

Thrives in full sun and partial sun areas. Tolerate to shade and cold; remains dormant during winter months.


Winning Colors Fescue rates fair in traffic tolerance. Adapts well in home lawns and commercial spaces.


This turf type tolerates drought well but irrigation systems are recommended.

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