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Rubber Mulch

Eco-friendly and versatile, rubber mulch is paving the way for the future in outdoor landscaping. Known for its low maintenance properties, this recycled mulch is ideal for supplementing any outdoor venture including commercial and residential landscaping, playgrounds, horse arenas and so much more. With rubber mulch, you get so much more---sustainability, resilience to bugs and weather elements, custom design options, and a one-time installment that lasts forever. Sound appealing? Read on for the full benefits and rubber mulch varieties we offer.

explore our playground rubber mulch

Playground Rubber Mulch

Rubber playground mulch is the an ideal choice for these high-traction areas. Learn more about the unique advantages of this mulch type.

Explore our landscaping rubber mulch

Landscaping Rubber Mulch

Explore the versatile uses and design options for landscaping rubber mulch! Just like traditional mulch but so much better!

Explore Equestrian rubber footing

Equestrian Rubber Footing

Great for riders and travelers on foot, Equestrian Rubber Footing serves as a great option for countless spaces.

Mulch That Matters

Top Reasons why rubber mulch is the better choice!

The advantages of choosing rubber mulch are without end. As an environmentally-friendly, fully recycled material, it's easy to see why rubber mulch is the leading brand in the industry.

Lasting Sustainability

One of the most notable qualities of rubber mulch is the lasting results! Unlike traditional mulch varieties that require yearly replacements, rubber mulch endures for up to 20 plus years!


In today's world, being environmentally conscious is crucial. Each step we make impacts our environment so start today by choosing rubber mulch which is 100% made of fully recycled materials.


Rubber mulch is long-lasting, durable and highly resilient to external elements. Rubber mulch is resistant to heat, bugs, mold and even prevents the growth of pesky weeds!


Since rubber mulch will last for 20+ years and requires little to no maintenance, homeowners can expect significant savings on the budget and on time!

Design Choices

Rubber mulch offers so many unique color and design choices to give any space an attractive look. Available in earth tones and designer colors, you'll have unlimited options with rubber mulch.

Stays in Place

Unlike traditional mulch that tends to scatter, rubber mulch stays in place due to its heavier composition.

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black mulch

Black Mulch

dark brown mulch

Dark Brown Mulch

Cypress mulch

Cypress Mulch

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