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As a turf farm with decades of experience, we've cultivated some of the best turf varieties on the market. Some of our blends include Tifway and 419 Tifway II hybrid Bermuda, Meyer Zoysia, and Winning Colors Fescue. Through the years, we've been committed to offering Arkansans premium turfgrass to add vitality to their lawns and increase the health of natural habitats. Click on the links below to explore the types of turfgrass we offer. We cultivate, grow, and deliver all turf!

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explore Tifway II Bermuda turf

Tifway II Bermuda

Tifway II Bermuda is one of the best grass types for Southern climates. Ideal for lawns, golf courses and other spaces with higher traffic volume, Tifway is a popular choice among customers.

Explore Meyer Zoysia turf

Meyer Zoysia

Also known as Z-52, Zoysia grass is a dense grass type with a high cold tolerance that's been around since the 1960s. Easy to maintain, Zoysia turfgrass is ideal for most outdoor areas.

Explore Winning Colors Fescue

Winning Colors Fescue

Just as its name implies, Winning Colors Fescue grass is the ultimate turf type. With high cold tolerance, excellent shade tolerance, and brown-patch resistance, this champion of grass will reap benefits year-round.

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