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Since 1981, Stephens Turf Farm has operated as a turf farm growing and delivering premium turfgrass for Northeast Arkansas residents. We produce turfgrass sod solutions for the landscape industry and homeowners. Our turfgrass varieties include Tiffway II Bermuda, Meyer Zoysia, and Winning Colors Fescue. Ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. We apply the most advanced techniques and treatments when harvesting turfgrass sod so you can reap the benefits. We can harvest turfgrass sod squares or big rolls. We also provide delivery and custom sprigging services. Customer pick-ups at our farm are welcome. Please call us at (870) 239-3472 for more information.

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Our Philosophy

When you choose Stephens Turf Farm, you choose optimal results for your lawn. For commercial and residential outdoor spaces, the kind of turf you invest in makes a world of difference. A difference you can see. Through the years, we’ve expanded our reach with harvesters to produce the best varieties of sod. Working with more harvesters has increased our efficiency and supply to exceed our customer’s expectations. Don’t settle for less when your lawn deserves more. Choose the greener way with Stephens Turf Farm!

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Why Turf Matters

Turfgrass was developed not to replace natural grass but to enhance and preserve it. For decades, the turf-growing industry has thrived. Originally turf farming was invented to provide ample grass supply for grazing animals. Today, we've seen the uses of turf evolve into supplementing commercial and residential lawns. Turfgrass offers a unique solution for all types of landscapes; blending with every ecosystem, turfgrass is proven to increase air quality, soil erosion, and work in harmony with existing grass structures.

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